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Justin Bieber allegedly involved in fist fight in Cleveland, video shows fans pulling him away

10 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Cleveland, OH, United States (4E) – Justin Bieber was in Cleveland to support the Cleveland Cavaliers for the game 3 of the NBA Finals but he allegedly was involved in a fist fight and a video surfaced showing fans pulling him away.

In the video released, Bieber was seen dressed with a shirt that had Cleveland Cavaliers written all over it. He and a guy, who appears much larger than the “What Do You Mean” singer, then sllegedly started throwing punches at each other. Accordingly, Bieber was the first one to throw punches but the other guy, who still is unidentified, sent the singer to the floor.

People who were near the two having an alleged fist fight tried to jump in to break them apart. However, none of them were successful in their attempt. It was not shown in the video what prompted the repoted fist fight. It did seem like it took place at the hotel of Bieber.

In another video that surfaced online, the fight was broken up but Bieber looked really upset that fans pulled him away. A Golden State Warriors fan grabbed Bieber away from the area to keep him from going at the other guy again. He stumbled away from the scene and ran into a female standing nearby. The girl asks Bieber to stop.

After the alleged fight, Bieber hit the Cleveland club scene and was caught covering one side of his face with a hood of a jacket. Some parts of his face look red, swollen and sore. Despite the supposed swollen appearance, Bieber uploaded a photo of himself hours later. He did not appear to have scratches or injuries after the fist fight.

An insider from The Barley House in Cleveland shared, "He was actually really laid back and there was no fighting whatsoever here at the club. He didn't look like he had just gotten in a fight, I didn't notice anything at least. Not sure who he was with." The singer reportedly arrived there at around 1:00 A.M. and left an hour after.

Before the fight, Bieber was seen hanging out with boxer Adrien Broner .