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Justin Bieber ‘drunk’ preaches about loving yourself

22 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Justin Bieber celebrated a successful Los Angeles show at Staples Center by going to the hot spot 1Oak to party with his fans and friends.

However, he did not just perform some of his songs at the night club but he also started talking about loving yourself and preaching while he was drunk. A footage of the more than one minute speech of Bieber surfaced and circulated online showing him having trouble balancing on the DJ’s booth. He then grabbed the mic and talked to the partygoers about loving one’s self and how important it is for people to be themselves.

Bieber started by saying, " Yo , you guys having a good night tonight? I said, are you guys having a good night tonight? See, I'm not gonna give like a 30 minute speech. I'm notKanye West. I love Kanye . I only got a little bit to give though."

He then proceeded to say that people should have a good night and enjoy themselves by being themselves. He said that he thinks the thing that the world struggles with the most is “just being ourselves” and that other people hate on people who are being themselves.

The “Sorry” crooner added, “Maybe I'm drunk. Maybe I'm just speaking real s–t. But I feel like a lot of the reason why so many people hate on me is ‘cause I'm just myself. You can hate on me for being myself, too, but I feel like if you just are yourself and are OK with being just yourself and making spontaneous decisions of just wearing whatever you wanna wear and doing whatever you wanna do…”

He continued to say that people are going to make bad decisions but ultimately they will learn to make good decisions. He ended his “drunk preaching” by advising people to make the best decisions they can possibly know or feel.

The preaching comes after he posted a throwback photo of him and Selena Gomez on his Instagram account.