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  • Justin Bieber’s credit card reportedly got declined, fan offers to pay his Subway meal

Justin Bieber’s credit card reportedly got declined, fan offers to pay his Subway meal

2 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Justin Bieber’s credit card reportedly got declined as he used it to pay for a sandwich at Subway but a fan offered to pay his lunch.

The 23-year-old reportedly went to a Subway branch in West Hollywood on September 1. His card is said to have not gone through when he was to pay for his meal. A fan, who was standing behind the “Sorry” singer in line, recognized the rumored boyfriend of Sofia Richie then offered to pay for the foot-long sandwich. Aside from the sandwich, Bieber also reportedly bought four milk bottles, and different cookies and desserts.

It is unclear why Bieber’s card got declined. Also, if the reports are true that a fan really did save Bieber by treating him, it would come as a surprise as most of his Beliebers are mad at him since he chose Richie over his fans. He took to Instagram days ago to threaten that he would make his account private if they will not stop bashing Richie.

Richie was reportedly with Bieber when he went to the Subway branch in Hollywood. She was reportedly waiting for him at the car they were in.

Bieber and Richie recently came back from their Mexico trip where they reportedly enjoyed a romantic getaway. This comes after Richie celebrated her 18th birthday.

The former boyfriend of Selena Gomez is yet to comment on the validity of the reports about his card being declined and a fan offering to pay his purchases.