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Kailyn Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is a mother for the third time

25 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Nazareth, PA, United States (4E) – “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry is expecting her third baby and aside from her revelation on her personal blog, many sources are saying she is indeed pregnant.

The former “16 and Pregnant” star is already a mother to seven-year-old Isaac Elliot Rivera and three-year-old Lincoln Marshall Marroquin. It is unclear if her third baby is once again a son.

In the past weeks, many speculated that she is expecting. The baby’s father is unknown since she just finalized her divorce form Javi Marroquin, the father of her second son. The two married in 2012 and separated last year. The father of her first son is Jo Rivera.

Lowry said on her blog post, “I am pregnant. Please know this was a choice I made, I already know some won’t agree but I’ve been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out. Why did I wait? I’ve had a lot of health complications leading up to this pregnancy and I was not ready to release such private information on my own just yet being that I am so high risk with this pregnancy. I didn’t want to announce just to have another miscarriage and suffer through another grief.” Lowry suffered from a miscarriage in 2015. She said in an interview back then she knows everything happens for a reason but she revealed she does not know what the reason is.

As for the weeks when rumors surfaced about her being pregnant leading up to the announcement, she said she is said that the public found out before she wanted them to. She noted that she should ave known that people in her life would sell her out before she was ready.

The former husband of Lowry took to Twitter to react on the news. He wrote, “I thought we divorced cause she didn’t want more kids? That’s weird.” Lowry commented in a separate post saying she did say at one point on the show that she said she did not want any more kids with someone she is in a failing marriage with.

Aside from getting pregnant, she is also excited for another thing, her graduation. She will be marching this May and she said despite expecting her third baby, she will still continue to focus on school and her graduation.

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