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Kanye West asks for financial assistance for his ideas, projects

16 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – After Kanye West went on a Twitter rant on Saturday claiming that he is $53 million in debt and asked for Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook CEO, for $1 billion, he again took to Twitter to try and explain why he needs money.

On Monday, he wrote: "Yes I am personally rich and I can buy furs and houses for my family.” He followed it up with another tweet saying that he needs access to more money in order to bring “more beautiful ideas to the world.” He continued to explain that if he spends his own money on his ideas, he will not be able to afford taking care of his family.

West added, "Also for anyone that has money they know the first rule is to use other people's money. I could not have done the MSG without Adidas but world, what I'm telling you is that was just a small sketch for what I will bring you."

The father of two claimed that there are people who support artists and philanthropist and it is possible that him being a celebrity blocks people’s understanding of what his purpose to the world is. He went on saying that he is of service to the world with his art and just wants to serve more people.

His last tweets read: “I know I confuse you guys sometimes but please bear with me. This is a God dream…but if the self proclaimed cockiest person in the world can lay his personal business on the line then please people see my heart.” It is still unclear, however, if West’s claim that he has a $53-M debt meant that he needs the funding for his supposed ideas and projects.

Sources are saying that West is not at all in debt as he has a lot of businesses and his fashion line is selling like crazy. Sources are saying that he said he was in debt so that his album “The Life of Pablo,” which was recently released would sell more.

West is yet to comment on the claims of the sources.