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Kate Walsh wants students to watch ’13 Reasons Why’ amid caution from mental health experts

27 April 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Teen suicide remained as one of the top reasons of death in teens and the new Netflix series titled “13 Reasons Why” tackled the issue.

Many health experts expressed they believe the show might affect teens who have suicidal thoughts in a wrong way while actress Kate Walsh said it should be shown in schools.

“13 Reasons Why” revolved around the story of a teenager named Hannah Baker, played by Katherine Langford, who took her own life. She left 13 audio recordings on cassette tapes to another male teenager she said had a role why she ended her life. It premiered on March 31 and took the world by storm as the number of viewers continued to increase. Selena Gomez co-produced the Netflix show based on the 2007 book by Jay Asher that bears the same name.

The founder of the program that raises awareness regarding online bullying called Media Impact and Navigation for Teens said she herself experienced bullying in high school. If she watched the series back then, she could have taken her life just like Hannah Baker did. She did not encourage showing it in schools but she advised institutions to have an open conversation about the matter in health class.

Although Curtis pointed out that kids who are known to be depressed should be taken to counselors. other mental health experts said, on the other hand, that the show could actually help students with the same problem as Hannah Baker. The show could also aid other students to spot the warning signs of depression or suicidal tendencies.

Meanwhile, Walsh, one of the actresses on “13 Reasons Why” told AOL’s BUILD Series event more about the show. Creators of the show tapped Walsh to play the role of Hannah Baker’s mother, Olivia. She said she had to think about saying yes to the project since she had to carry the energy of a parent who loses her child to suicide. Walsh revealed she talked to some parents who had the same fate.

Walsh said showing the Netflix show to schools could let students feel differently about the subject of suicide and mental illness. She accepted the fact that the issue is hard and ugly but she believed it should be seen and felt by students.

Between the ages of 10 and 24 years old, suicide is the third leading cause of death. Annually, in the United States, 157,00 from that age bracket do self-inflicted wounds. In the United Kingdom, more than 15 out of 100,000 people, also from that age bracket, inflict injuries to themselves. In Australia, 50 people out of 100,000 have been given medical attention due to suicide attempts.

Netflix did not yet comment on the matter. Gomez also did not release any statement regarding the hype surrounding the new show.

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