Katherine Heigl talks about pregnancy and cravings in her latest blog post

22 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Actress Katherine Heigl is 19 weeks pregnant an in her latest blog post, she talked about the difficulties she has faced during her first ever pregnancy.

She revealed that she has cravings and is having a difficult time working out while she is carrying a bun in the oven. The former “Grey’s Anatomy” star said that eating right and working out is not something she is comparing to a walk in the park these days as being pregnant made it difficult to achieve those things.

Just recently, Heigl uploaded a photo of herself showing off her baby bump on her Instagram account. The snap showed the wife of Josh Kelley staring at her bump as the camera clicked.

In the blog, called “Those Heavenly Days,” Heigl wrote that she thought it would be right for her to share her wisdom about the other women who are pregnant and who are planning to get pregnant. She said that she knows nothing about pregnancy as well but she has learned a lot of things during her first pregnancy.

Heigl listed many apps and websites that expecting mothers could use. She shared regarding her unhealthy habits during her first month of being pregnant that she ate bowls of fettuccine Alfredo and huge slices of chocolate cakes because she thought to herself that she was eating for two. She continued to reveal, "Had I continued on this path I would have put on far more weight than I wanted to and been compromising the babies and my health."

She noted that she has these apps that track her meals and whenever she craves for a slice of chocolate cake during the weekends, she does not feel guilty about it.

As for working out, she shared that it has been difficult for her to get motivated to work out when she was not yet pregnant but it is 10 times more difficult now that she is. She noted that she is into yoga now.

Heigl and her husband are expecting a baby boy. They have two more children, who are adopted, namely, Nancy, 7, and Adalaide , 4.