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Katy Perry has had it with bad blood questions regarding Taylor Swift

9 May 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Katy Perry answered questions in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly regarding her new music and when she was asked about her bad blood with Taylor Swift, she decided to say enough is enough.

The feud of the two started three years ago after Swift revealed during a Rolling Stone interview that another singer tried to steal her dancers. Many believed she pertained to Perry. During that time, Swift said, "She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me."

Perry only tweeted about the supposed diss of Swift against her by saying that people should watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing. However, she never directly responded to the accusations of Swift.

In the “Firework” singer’s Entertainment Weekly interview, she was asked if she had a diss track against Swift. She said, "I think [my new album is] a very empowered record. There is no one thing that's calling out any one person. One thing to note is: You can't mistake kindness for weakness and don't come for me. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. Anyone. And that's not to any one person, and don't quote me that it is, because it's not. It's not about that."

She went on to say that her new songs is not about anyone else as it is about her being seen and heard. She even noted that her new album is not about her but is about the things she sees out there that she digested.

More on the album, she said she wrote around 40 songs and then trimmed it down to only 15. Some of the singles from the album that she has released are “Chained to the Rhythm” and “Bon Appetit.” The title of her album remained unknown and she said that she believes this latest project of hers was brave, fun, and dance-y.

She promised that her album would be a change as she left her 20s and gone to her 30s. Perry added, "I've embraced. I've surrendered. I've healed some of my issues with my family, with my relationships. Today I'm sober, but I don't know about tomorrow! One day at a time, right?"

Swift has not yet commented on Perry’s statements.

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