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Kendall Jenner testified in LA court over stalker allegations

14 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Twenty-year-old model, Kendall Jenner , testified in court today over the alleged stalker case and she gave more details about the evening that a man was on her property.

The man was identified as Shavaughn McKenzie and he was seen sitting on her driveway. Jenner shared that he had his head in between his knees and that the incident took place on August 14. She added that she immediately felt that something was not right. She continued, "I wouldn't expect someone to be sitting on the side of the street. I definitely thought it was weird…It didn't make sense."

Jenner then told the man to leave the property but during that time, she was able to realize that she has seen McKenzie in the past. She ran into him twice before at her previous home in Westwood. She shared that upon realization, she was crying, screaming, and freaking out as she was not sure what his intentions were. The man also reportedly started banging on the window of her car. She then called a friend for help.

Jenner then did not get out of her car until he left. She added, “I was terrified. I was literally traumatized. I started honking at him and I just wanted to make sure I saw wherever he went. He got out of the gate and I drove down the hill. This is not how I want to be living. I really don't feel safe in my own house. I'm already the kind of person who's on edge."

McKenzie faces one count of misdemeanor stalking and trespassing. Jenner is a key witness in the criminal case against him.

Jenner’s testimony comes after her sister, Kim Kardashian , was robbed at gunpoint in Paris during the Paris Fashion Week at her hotel room.