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Kesha dismisses sexual assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke in California, NY lawsuits still ongoing

3 August 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The years-long legal battle of Kesha with her producer Lukasz Gottwald , also known as Dr. Luke, led to the singer dropping her sexual assault and abuse lawsuit in California on Monday in hopes of being able to release new music again.

Kesha reportedly dismissed the California lawsuit without prejudice as she pursues her appeal and other legal claims in the New York courts. Daniel Petrocelli , the legal counsel of Kesha , said in a statement, " Kesha is focused on getting back to work and has delivered 28 new songs to the record label. We have conveyed to Sony and the label Kesha's strong desire to release her next album and single as soon as possible."

Due to the legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke, the singer has not been able to release new music since 2012. Due to this, the 28 songs Kesha submitted to Kemosabe Records were recorded at her own expense in order to fulfill her contractual obligations. If and when Dr. Luke will still not release the tracks, this could be used by Kesha as evidence that he and Sony Music are keeping her from putting out new music.

Kesha recently took to Instagram to say that her fight continues as she needs to get her music out. She said that the lawsuit has taken toll on her “once free spirit” and she hopes that one day she can feel happiness again. She added that she will continue to fight for her rights in New York.

The legal representative of Dr. Luke, Christine Lepera , released a statement saying that if Kesha voluntarily dismissed her claims in the California case, it is because she reportedly has no chance of winning them.

The dropping of the California lawsuit came days after she performed at an Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC event for Gabby Giffords in Philadelphia. During that time, Kesha talked about being hurt and being in pain from the tragedies that stuck the nation lately as well as her lawsuit.

Kesha has accused Dr. Luke of sexually assaulting her as well as drugging her. Dr. Luke has since remained innocent as he continuously denies the singer’s claims.

Kesha has received support from many in the music industry such as from Adele, Lady Gaga, Dj Zedd , Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, and many more.