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Kesha emotional at LGBT equality event as she accepts award

7 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Nashville, TN, United States (4E) – Kesha has gotten emotional on Saturday after she accepted her award for her support for the LGBT community and gave a lengthy awards speech.

The 29-year-old singer has been emotional as of late as her request to be able to release music outside of her contract with Dr. Luke and Sony has not been granted. In 2014, Kesha sued Dr. Luke saying that she was sexually assaulted and also physically hurt by the music producer. She has since then been seeking to have her contract with him nullified. In a countersuit , Dr. Luke called the allegations of his client as defamatory and noted that Kesha and her mother are extorting him.

As for the LGBT equality event, Kesha has received the Visibility Award at the 21st annual Human Rights Campaign Nashville Equality Dinner at the Renaissance Hotel. When she gave her speech, she was tearing up as she said, "I love writing songs and I love making music but this is like the most rewarding part of the entire process for me. I'm going through some personal things that have been really intense and hard lately and I just want to say thank you for any support I've received. My mom's crying – stop crying! Stop crying."

She added that she has a very deep connection with LGBT communities since she was a young girl. The artist grew up in Nashville and she shared that she always felt like a misfit and has hung out with “other social outsiders” and most of them are from the LGBT community. She noted, “Though back then we didn't know what LGBT meant. We just knew we got bullied for being ourselves, shamed for being different and encouraged to hide the things that made us unique.”

Kesha continued to say that it was difficult for her to have the confidence and love herself when the world criticized her for being who she was. She pointed out that it does not happen to her only as many people from the LGBT community even took their lives because of the abuse they had to deal with.

She closed her speech saying that no one should be afraid to speak up against any injustice adding, "Don't let people scare and shame you into changing the things about yourself that make you unique. Those are the qualities that will make your life magical and special. Never deny yourself that.”