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Kesha’s mother reacts to BBMA’s performance decision

19 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – In a series of tweets by the mother of Kesha , Pebe Sebert , she slammed the decision of Kemosabe Records, which is the label that her daughter is tied to and is owned by Dr. Luke, regarding the songstress not allowed to perform during this year’s Billboard Music Awards ( BBMA ).

It has been announced earlier this week that the decision that Kesha will be performing at the annual event has been altered. Reports say that it was due to the rumors spreading that Kesha will be using her time at the BBMAs to address her legal battle with Dr. Luke.

The first tweet of Sebert reads: “So are Keshas constitutional rights being violated now, judge Lady?Does every adult woman need a mans permission to do what she loves?” She continued to ask her followers if her daughter has the right to pursue her happiness or is it just for rich men. The mother of Kesha followed up her tweet asking if there is ever any male singer not allowed to sing on the Billboard Awards by another man.

Sebert further explained that she does not want her daughter to have to take more of this public abuse. She added, “In an office, all the boss has to do is touch a woman's butt or breast and that's sexual harassment!! So what is this and where's the police.”

Apparently, Sebert thinks that the rulings regarding the quest of Kesha to have her contract with Kemosabe Records be nullified were made in favor of Dr. Luke as she implied that he paid them. She also suggested that other artists should stand by Kesha and refuse to perform if she was not allowed to be part of this year’s BBMAs .

Her tweets did not end there as Sebert also accused Kemosabe records of not wanting Kesha to be successful. She added, “My daughters record company wants her to fail and be broke from them dragging her through court for as long as they can.”

Kesha also released a statement regarding her cancelled performance. She said that she was supposed to honor one of her favorite songwriters as she was set to perform Bob Dylan’s “It ain’t me, babe.”

Dr. Luke and his representatives have not commented on the issue yet.