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Kim Kardashian files complaint against Vitalii Sediuk to French authorities

29 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Paris, Paris, France (4E) – Vitalii Sediuk has once again attempted to ambush Kim Kardashian after the incident with model Gigi Hadid resulting in the reality star filing a complaint against the prankster to French authorities.

The 35-year-old star reportedly reached out to French authorities after Sediuk almost attacked Kardashian in Paris. Sediuk was seconds later as Kardashian was able to walk past by him without being hurt. The guards of Kardashian tackled Sediuk to the ground and later released him.

A video on Instagram by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic showing the incident. In the video, Sediuk seemingly tried to kiss the behind of Kardashian after she got out of her vehicle outside of L’Avenue restaurant. The incident took place on Wednesday.

This is not the first time that Kardashian was attacked by Sediuk . In 2014, the mother-of-two was making her way through the crowd outside Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show. Sediuk then tried to grab the legs of Kardashian . She was seemingly yelling for help from her husband, Kanye West, during the first encounter. Her security team was able to pull her away from the crowd to safety.

Sediuk to his Instagram account to talk about the incident. He said that he was supposed to attack Kardashian because he was protesting her for using fake butt implants. He added, “I encourage her and the rest of Kardashian clan to popularise natural beauty among teenage girls who follow and defend them blindly.”

He also said that he was just eating ice cream outside the restaurant and had no idea that Kardashian will be in the area.

Six days before he tried to attack Kardashian , Sediuk picked up Hadid from outside a Milan Fashion Week Show. She then elbowed him in the face until he put her down.

He also attacked Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio , Will Smith and America Ferrera in the past.