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  • Kim Kardashian released Taylor Swift-Kanye West conversation over ‘Famous’ song to defend husband

Kim Kardashian released Taylor Swift-Kanye West conversation over ‘Famous’ song to defend husband

20 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Kim Kardashian reportedly released the recorded conversation of Kanye West consulting Taylor Swift about mentioning her on his “Famous” song because she wanted to defend her husband and her family.

The 35-year-old Kardashian uploaded numerous videos on Snapchat days ago and it was heard that Swift, 26, and West, 39, talked about the song wherein he let the “Style” songstress know about the lyrics and she seemingly approved it.

An insider shared more about Kardashian’s reason for releasing the video, “Kim and Kanye discussed everything about the Taylor Swift video before releasing it. Kanye was in on the plan to release the tape as was Kim‘s entire team of lawyers, managers and publicists. Everything Kim did was carefully planned, timed and calculated for maximum effect.”

Although it seemed like Kardashian was seeking revenge for Swift reportedly trying to make it look like West is once again a bad person, the mother-of-two reportedly did it because she wanted to tell the truth and set the record straight. The insider continued, “Kim was adamant on doing what was right to defend her family name and that is why she released the tape.”

Other reports are also saying that Kardashian could face legal trouble for the release of the phone call. According to Gregory G. Brown, Esq. of Irvine-based business, family and trial law firm Brown & Charbonneau , although Kardashian did not record the video, she did expose the clip on social media. Brown noted, “It could be argued that she ‘aided and abetted’ or ‘advised and encouraged’ the crime. If so, she can be treated as a principle in the case.”

In California law, it is a felony to record or listen to confidential communication without any consent. It was reported that West did not tell Swift that he was recording their conversation. Swift also said that the conversation was secretly recorded.

The people involved in this report are yet to comment.