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Kristin Cavallari accused of starving her children, blocks negative commenters on IG

12 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The former “Hills” reality star Kristin Cavallari has been accused by her followers on Instagram of starving her children when she posted a photo of her two sons with her husband frolicking under the sun at the beach.

The snap showed the two children, three-year-old Camden and two-year-old Jaxon , facing away from the camera showing their backs. In the snap, the two kids looked quite thin as their bones were evident so fans told Cavallari that she was not feeding them right. The snap had the caption: “Even though we're not in the states, were still celebrating. hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th ! #MyGuys.”

One of the commenters said that she understands that Cavallari lives a very strict dietary lifestyle but her children are “very obviously nutritionally deficient.” Another commenter said she was shocked to see how her children look adding, “I know you cook healthy but to see the bones just doesn’t seem normal, sorry!”

Other followers came to her defense saying that the children of Cavallari look normal, not at all thin, and are in fact healthy. One commenter said that children are difficult to feed and her five-year-old looks the same as Cavallari’s children. Another said that people are used to seeing obese kids so if they see photos of normal-looking children, they see it as a negative and sad thing.

Another wrote: “I'm glad to see your family out enjoying each other! One of my boys is super skinny and it's certainly not for a lack of offering him food. Your boys look perfectly healthy and happy to me. Sunshine, water, and their dad — exactly what boys need. Xo.”

Cavallari then slammed her commenters by blocking them on her social media account. Cavallari is married to football player Jay Cutler and they share three children together. They recently welcomed their youngest, a daughter named Saylor , last November 2015.