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Kym Johnson, Robert Herjavec of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ engaged

29 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec of “Dancing With the Stars” are engaged and she took to Instagram to share the news.

Johnson, 39, a pro on the show, competed on “Dancing With the Stars” season 20 back in 2015 with Harjavec . Herjavec , 53, is a Canadian businessman and was a former partner of Johnson on the show and now stars on 'Shark Tank'. She has not returned for the most recent 21st season of the hit dance show.

She then took to Instagram to show a photo of her and her fiancé on Sunday. She wrote alongside the photo: "I never thought a year ago I'd meet someone who would change my life completely! I'm the luckiest girl in the world because last night the love of my life @robert_herjavec asked me to marry him and I said yes!"

After the proposal, the two reportedly went home where they were greeted by more than 30 friends and loved ones. This includes them other of Johnson who came from Australia and her “Dancing With the Stars” friends.

Johnson said in a statement, “To celebrate tonight with our family and friends, and my mom who flew in from Australia, wow – I’m just overwhelmed and so happy. He’s a wonderful man and I’m so lucky. We were friends first. We got to know each other on a friendship level. That developed into something else. We’re both each other’s number one fans, and have respect for each other.”

Herjavec was married to Diane Plese but he announced last April 2015 that they were legally separating. The two were married for 15 years. He has three kids with Plese . As for Johnson, this will be her first marriage. She recently also released her “5678 Diet” book and “5678 Fitness” DVD.

The two have vacationed together when they started dating and even sealed their “Dancing With the Stars” performance in Season 20 with a kiss. They came in sixth place.