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Lady Gaga protests in front of Trump Tower

10 November 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) – After the unexpected win of president-elect Donald Trump, celebrities have taken to social media their disappointment over the results of the election but Lady Gaga is not taking the matter via social media only as she went outside a Trump Tower early Wednesday morning to hold a sign and protest his victory.

The “Bad Romance” songstress held a sign that reads “Love trumps hate.” Gaga has been one of the huge celebrity supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Gaga also took to Twitter on Tuesday evening that in a room full of hope, they will be heard. She urged Clinton supporters to stand up for kindness, equality, and love. She ended her tweet with, “Say a prayer America.”

It was also reported that Gaga tweeted a video of her friends at the Javits Center on Tuesday evening. Some notable celebrities seen in the video are Lena Dunham and Debra Messing. Clinton hosted her election party at the venue. Accordingly, many reporters started to leave when it was becoming clearer that Trump will win the presidential elections.

Gaga campaigned for Clinton earlier this week when she attended a rally for the Democratic presidential candidate. Gaga then talked about the strengths of the potential first ever female president. Lady Gaga shared during that time that Clinton has a career in politics that spans decades of experience. The musician also said that Clinton is educated, has a sense of leadership, and possesses wisdom to govern a country.

Gaga went on to say that Clinton will keep fighting for women’s rights, for the care of the children of future generations, and for those who are in need.

Trump has not yet commented on the stunt of Gaga.

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