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‘Laguna Beach’ alum Jason Wahler reacts to Kristin Cavallari’s comments about show in new book

17 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Kristin Cavallari has recently revealed in her book “Balancing In Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work” that her romance with Stephen Colletti was sabotaged by the producers of the show as well as the reality series being entirely fake.

However, Cavallari’s “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” co-star and alum Kason Wahler says that the reality series was not fake adding that his on-air relationship with 30-year-old Lauren Conrad in the show and in the spin-off “The Hills” was all real. Cavallari did say that she enjoyed her time on both programs but there was a “good deal” that “was not real.”

Wahler then said in a statement, "Look the reality of it is, the relationships and the context of everything was our real lives. Obviously with editing and different things, you can make things look different, or sound different. I feel like for me, it created a character for me. Yes, there were probably things that weren't the most accurate, but it wasn't like it was scripted, you know, it was a soft script."

The former reality star added that he is not upset with anything that the show did as he is grateful for how things laid out or him. He noted that he will not be changing anything if given the chance.

This is in contrast with Cavallari’s book as she wrote that it was easy for them to go along with made-up situations and not think too much about the consequences. Cavallari said that words were even dubbed and scenes were filmed months apart but they were shown in the same episode. All phone calls were also said to be faked as she claimed that she was on the phone with no one or sometimes with a producer.

As for Cavallari’s claim that the producers manipulated her relationship with then-boyfriend Stephen Colletti , they reportedly forced him to spend time with co-star Wahler’s then-girlfriend Conrad. She added that although it was just for the cameras, she was deeply hurt and she was intimidated.

Wahler also added, "Maybe some things were manipulated, but overall it we were the ones in front of the camera, it's not you can really switch what we were doing to the extreme of really tailoring who you are totally."