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Lamar Odom arrives in NYC to surprise son, spotted at strip club with friends

14 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Queens, NY, United States (4E) – Lamar Odom finally arrived in New York City after the airplane drama when he was asked to get off due to his drunkenness, and now he is in the area to surprise his son for his birthday but was also spotted at a strip club with his friends.

Odom reportedly puked when he boarded the plane and was asked to leave the flight twice as someone reportedly complained about him and talked about his health history. Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel last October after days of partying, drinking, and taking in drugs. He has suffered from a coma, multiple organ failures, and had to undergo therapy to be able to talk and walk again.

However, just months after his recovery, he has reverted to his old parting ways. The 36-year-old then caught a later flight to New York City in order to be with his son on his 14th birthday. Odom is reportedly now staying at his aunt’s house and his two kids came over to visit him. They also reportedly tried to talk some sense into their father as they fear for his health.

He reportedly drank at a bar in Santa Monica when he was not allowed to board the first flight to NYC. An insider shared, “It’s really sad. He was doing so well in his [rehab] program.”

Before being spotted at the second strip club he has visited this week, which has been identified as the CityScapes Gentlemen’s Club in Queens, he was seen shopping at a men’s clothing store in the same area as well as at Mia Sushi & Steakhouse in Manhattan. He also posed for a few photos with his fans.

In his latest outing in Mia Sushi & Steakhouse, the promoter of the club, Nell V., said in a statement, "He just sat, hung out and listened to the music. He had never really been uptown before so it was his first time. He really liked it.”

For his CityScapes Gentlemen’s Club in Queens, the owner said that Odom and his friends were at the VIP section and it was the former Lakers player’s first time to be in the strip club. He was with three or four males and two women. The owner of the strip club added, "He seemed very normal…I escorted him to his section, and he just sat and relaxed and greeted everyone. He was very social and very friendly. He didn't have any private dances, he was just relaxing…He didn't have any alcohol—he just asked for a water and a cranberry juice."