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Lauren Bushnell celebrates Easter with Ben Higgins’ family

28 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Indianapolis, IN, United States (4E) – Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins celebrated Easter with his family in Indiana just two weeks after the fans of “The Bachelor” witnessed him propose to her.

According to the photos of Bushnell on Instagram on Saturday afternoon, the winner of the final rose bonded with her fiancé’s immediate family. She posed with his mom as well as his 90-year-old grandfather in some of the photos. The blond beauty captioned some of the photos with the words “love these people.”

The couple headed to an event for the Baker Youth Club of Warsaw as well as headed to church on Sunday. Baker Youth Club is a youth development agency that strives to provide quality supervision for the young people in the community. It is also based on Christian values. The couple spoke to the members of the organization and they posted a photo of them on Instagram . The photo was captioned with the following words: “WOW! What a great night for the kids of BYC ! IT WAS A HUGE NIGHT! Thank you!”

As for the family of Bushnell , they were reportedly at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California to celebrate Easter weekend.

The two have been interviewed in the past weeks regarding their wedding and they have revealed that they are already planning it. However, they noted that if the option of having their marriage televised won’t be the best choice, they will be having their ceremony privately surrounded by their close friends and family.

Higgins said in his interview with the “Today” show: “I think most of our days will consist of right now a lot of 'Us Time.’ We need that in the public and just going out to dates and going out to dinner and going grocery shopping is something she really wants to do.”

He also revealed that Bushnell will be moving to Denver where he lives noting that he could not picture his life without her.