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Leonardo DiCaprio wins first Oscar after six nominations

1 March 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The most talked about Oscars 2016 moment was when Leonardo DiCaprio won his first ever award and it is said to have topped the 2014 selfie of the year wherein Ellen DeGeneres posed for a photo with big stars such as Meryl Streep , Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and many more.

According to reports, the selfie of DeGeneres with the big stars in Hollywood temporarily caused Twitter’s servers and result to 255,000 tweets per minute regarding the topic. It has, however, been dethroned by DiCaprio’s win as Best Actor for his performance in “The Revenant.” Accordingly, DiCaprio’s win resulted to 440,000 tweets per minute, which is the most-tweeted minute of an Oscars telecast ever recorded. Julianne Moore was the one who presented the award to the actor.

During his awards speech, DiCaprio shared, “Thank you all so very much. Thank you to the Academy, thank you to all of you in this room. To my parents, none of this would be possible without you. My friends, I love you dearly. You know who you are.”

He also took the time to talk about climate change noting that it is a real issue. He added, “It’s the most urgent threat facing our species. We need to help around the world.” DiCaprio is an ambassador for climate change as per the appointment of the United Nations. He has since been going to events and making projects to help spread information regarding global warming as well as before he was appointed by the UN.

During the engraving of his name for his trophy at the Governors Ball after the 2016 Academy Awards, he was spotted joking about it. He asked the woman engraving his name on the trophy “Do you do this every year?” The woman seemed to nod and he jokingly answered back, “I wouldn’t know.”

More on DiCaprio’s win, Kate Winslet seemed to be the most excited for her “Titanic” co-star. She was in tears when the actor took the stage to accept his award and they shared a hug afterwards. She also gave him a good luck kiss on the neck before the announcement of the winner for Best Actor.