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Lil Wayne suffers from seizure, private plane makes emergency landing: report

14 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Omaha, NE, United States (4E) – Rapper Lil Wayne reportedly suffered from a seizure prompting his private plane to make an emergency landing.

As per the reports, Lil Wayne blacked out as the pilot landed the plane. The 33-year-old was flying with his team on a lengthy cross-country flight as they came from Milwaukee and was on their way to California. His team got scared after they realized that the rapper needed medical attention as soon as possible.

The rapper reportedly suffered from the seizure on Monday, June 13, while they were flying over Middle America. The pilot landed in Omaha, Nebraska. Paramedics then met the rapper at the airstrip. He was said to be conscious after the paramedics met him and his team and he refused to get any kind of medical treatment.

However, when it was explained how the situation works, he became more aware of what happened and allowed the paramedics to check on him. He and his team flew once again after the check-up.

The private plane of Wayne, however, had to make another emergency landing as he suffered another seizure while flying. He was transported to a nearby hospital but it was unclear where. Karen Civil took to Twitter to say that she learned from Mack Maine that Lil Wayne is "fine now.”

An insider shared, “He’s young and a lot of people depend on him so it was important for him to keep a brave face but deep down, he was scared. That was a case of him being neglectful toward his health.”

This is not the first time that Lil Wayne suffered from seizures. Back in 2012, he was hospitalized for “seizure-like” symptoms. A year later, he nearly died after suffering from multiple seizures. He revealed about the seizures in an interview and he said that the incidents scared him so he had to make changes in his way of life.