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Lindsay Lohan offers to be leading lady of Disney classic “The Little Mermaid”

21 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Lindsay Lohan is a Disney baby as she has made a lot of films with the company starting with the famous “The Parent Trap” and the actress said in a recent Instagram post she hopes to be the lead star in the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid.”

The actress posted on Instagram on Sunday to share about her hopes of being Ariel in a possible live action remake of the animated movie. The post showed a photo of her showing off her wavy red hair alongside a photo of Ariel. She wrote in the caption, "I will sing again, as # ariel # thelittlemermaid . @disney approve that. # billcondon directs it along with my sister @alianamusic singing the theme song for the soundtrack."

Many commented supporting the actress and hoping the news is true. Others reacted negatively on her post. One of the comments said that maybe Lohan would have had a shot at playing the role of Ariel before she got her reputation tainted negatively as she reportedly has drug abuse problems.

She added, “Also @kgrahamsfb plays Ursula. Simply because, she is the best. Take one. @disneystudios.” Later, Lohan edited the caption and just wrote the title of the Disney classic.

It remains unknown if the live-action take on “The Little Mermaid” would be given a green light but Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda said in a statement last year that he was in early talks about the flick. He did not give details about what has been talked about.

Another flick that Lohan wants to be part of is a “Mean Girls” sequel. Lohan dropped by ABC’s “The View” and said she is trying to get a remake of the movie going. She has expressed last year that she wanted to do a sequel of the movie and posted photos of her co-stars saying she misses them. She shared on “The View,” “I went to SNL the other day and I was like, harassing Lorne Michaels. I'm like, ‘We have to do [it]. I'll write the treatment — if Tina Fey’s too busy.’” She did not say what Michaels’ response was.

Lohan is also busy about her activism work with Syrian refugees in Turkey. She told “The View” that she is in such a different place in her work life and headspace . Lohan also said she has the time now where she can go and do something good.

For keeping herself healthy, Lohan said, "I love spirituality and that really drives me. Meditation—transcendental meditation—that really clears my mind. Just being able to switch off. And I made a mind map when I turned 30. It was what I wanted in the next ten years spirituality, what feeds me, what keeps me humble here, who do I want to help, how can I stay continuously doing those things?" Lohan also revealed her future plans, which are to make her own movies.

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