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‘Lost & Found’ plot, release date revealed

28 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “Lost & Found” will be released by 2017 and it is about family as it teaches families the lesson that they should stick together no matter what.

“Lost & Found” will center on two brothers who are sent to spend time in an island for summer. They then get to embark on a treasure hunt to restore the family’s lost fortune as they race against time regarding losing their family home. The flick stars Justin Kelly and Benjamin Stockham . The movie is directed by Joseph Itaya and written by him as well as Erik Cardona . It is produced by Scott Bridges.

In a recent interview, Bridges talked about the plot of “Lost & Found.” He shared that a limited preview of “Lost & Found” will be from Jan. 6 to Jan. 12 at the AMC Quail Springs theatre . It will be running for two and a half hours and the film will be available on video and on DVD this January 10.

Bridges noted that he is so happy to share “Lost & Found” on the big screen with his Oklahoma family and friends as he said that the flick began with creative minds in Oklahoma. The flick is about a couple with two sons who will do everything to look for the lost fortune of their grandfather.

The fictional island where the two brothers will be sent was called Walton Island and someone bought it and wants to turn it into a resort. The boys were then informed about the hidden treasure so they go and search for it. They then realize that they are not the only ones hunting for it. They were able to crack the codes written by their grandfather and eventually the older brother finds an underground passage that might lead to where the fortune is.

It has been teased that viewers will be surprised with what the ending of “Lost & Found” is. “Lost & Found” has been screened in different parts of the country in the past such as in Idaho, California, and Arizona. It was also selected as the Best Family Film at the Geena Davis and Walmart Bentonville Film Festival in Arkansas. It is best for kids ages 8 and above.

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