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  • Madonna talks Donald Trump during Miami fundraiser event, singer says she is ashamed of being an American

Madonna talks Donald Trump during Miami fundraiser event, singer says she is ashamed of being an American

5 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Miami, FL, United States (4E) – Many are still not happy about president-elect Donald Trump winning the presidential elections and the latest celebrity to express that is Madonna.

Madonna was at a fundraising event in Miami and she said that she is ashamed of being an American. The benefit was star-studded as she was also with her ex-husband, Sean Penn, and “Dangerous Woman” singer Ariana Grande. Aside from bashing Trump, Madonna also declared that she is still in love with Penn and kissed Grande at one point. The fundraising event took place on Friday evening and they were able to raise more than $7.5 million for her Raising Malawi charity. The charity is founded by Madonna to help children in Africa.

Madonna started off with criticizing Trump via talking about being in his bed. She shared, "Now don’t go jumping to conclusions because he wasn't in that bed. He wasn't anywhere near that bed. He wasn’t even in the room. I was just doing a photo shoot in Palm Beach for the Versace campaign in his house. I just want to mention that his sheets were not 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Yes. Cheap slumlord.”

She continued to ask if Trump will be having nice sheets in the White House once he assumes presidency and Madonna said she believes the president-elect will not have Egyptian cotton because everyone knows how he feels about the Muslim population. Trump has been suggesting that Muslims should be banned from coming in and going out of the country in the wake of many terror attacks not only in the United States but also abroad.

Madonna also sang the song of Britney Spears entitled “Toxic.” Photos of Trump appeared on a large screen behind her implying that the song “Toxic” is for the president-elect. She then went on to sing her “American Life” song but before doing so, she said, "It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being, really."

The fundraising event was called “An Evening of Art, Mischief and Music.” Madonna sold off many of her possessions for Raising Malawi.

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