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Mark Wahlberg, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James rumored to be working on a project

6 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Cleveland, OH, United States (4E) – Mark Wahlberg and LeBron James worked out together and fans believe they are working on a new project.

James took to Instagram to show the proof that they have hung out. Due to the post, many have been speculating what the two are up to such as the possibility of working on a new film together or a certain project.

The NBA star showed the photo of him and Wahlberg posing for a photo at the gym. He then captioned the photo with the following: “With this great dude! Coming Soon!!” In the caption, James used the hashtags # WeWorking , # StriveForGreatness , # CameraReady , and # ByTheWayTrulyAppreciateTheGift .

Fans are freaking out what the two are working on and what the gift of Wahlberg to James was.

There are no details available if Wahlberg and James have been hanging out for some time now. It is possible that Wahlberg brought James some treats from Wahlburgers , the burger chain operated by the actor’s family. It was recently reported that Wahlburgers is expanding and a number of outposts of the franchise are set to open in Cleveland.

As for the speculations that Wahlberg and James are working on a film together, it was reported that fans are saying he might be producing a flick that the Cleveland Cavaliers star is starring on. He did work on “Entourage” the movie and “Contraband,” wherein he was the producer of the flicks. James has had his fair share on acting, too as he made a cameo on “Trainwreck.” Rumors are swirling that the two might be working on the sequel of “Space Jam.” James is said to be the lead character on “Space Jam 2.”

There have been no confirmations about the speculations yet. Both Wahlberg and James have not commented on the rumors.