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Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks set to star in new flick called ‘Pentagon Papers’

7 March 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep are teaming up for a new movie called “Pentagon Papers,” which will be directed by Steven Spielberg.

The movie is a drama flick and it will be about the legal battle of The Washington Post to publish the classified Pentagon Papers back in 1971. Hanks will play the role of the executive editor of The Washington Post, Ben Bradlee. Streep, on the other hand, will play the role of Katharine Graham, the publisher of the newspaper.

“Pentagon Papers” was bought last October by former Sony Picture co-chair Amy Pascal for her new production company. Details about the movie have been kept under wraps and this is the only latest update. Last time, the widow of Bradlee, Sally Quinn, said she is thrilled about the movie and described the case and the people behind the flick as “the dream team.”

Quinn also released a statement regarding Hanks taking on the role. She said, “Tom is a brilliant actor. I don’t have to give him advice. They know Ben and they know what he’s like.” Hanks and Bradlee were good friends. Quinn, who is set to release her new spiritual book called “Finding Magic” also said she believes the “Pentagon Papers” is perfect as to timing as it could not be more relevant today to what is happening.

As for Graham’s granddaughter, Katharine Weymouth, she said the timing of the flick is also on point because the media is now under attack. For the advice she could give Streep, Weymouth said, “My guess is she will approach it like she approaches any role. She’ll do her homework.” Weymouth also said she thinks her grandmother would be flattered if she knew Streep would be playing her.

This marks the first time Hanks and Streep would be starring on the same project. They have not released statements regarding the movie yet.

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