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Michael Strahan announces he is leaving ‘Live! With Kelly & Michael’

20 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Michael Strahan announced that he is leaving “Live! With Kelly & Michael” after four years and the fans of the show were shocked as well as his co-host Kelly Ripa .

Strahan replaced Regis Philbin back in 2011. Ripa recently celebrated her 15 years in the show and Philbin did “Live!” for 23 years so fans are wondering what made Strahan leave the morning show after just a short period of time.

Strahan , an NFL Hall of Famer, had an infectious appeal making the ratings increase so it was announced in September 4, 2012 that he will be a permanent co-host. The 44-year-old also made occasional appearances on the ABC morning show “Good Morning America.” During his announcement that he was leaving “Live! With Kelly & Michael,” he also revealed that he will be joining “Good Morning America” full-time.

According to reports, the most shocked person regarding his exit is his co-host Ripa as she felt blindsided because he did not give any kind of warning at all about his departure. Ripa is reportedly both stunned and upset by the news.

Strahan did say, however, that being on the show was transformative and that his exit is bittersweet. He also had nothing but high regards about Ripa . He wrote in a statement, “Kelly has been an unbelievable partner, and I am so thankful to her and the entire team. I am extremely grateful for the amazing support I’ve received from all of the fans.”

Another reason why Ripa is upset is because she has no idea who she will be doing the show with now.

It remains unclear when Strahan is officially out of the picture in the show and when will there be a replacement.