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  • Miesha Tate insults Ronda Rousey in latest interview, she wants rematch with ‘Furious 8’ star

Miesha Tate insults Ronda Rousey in latest interview, she wants rematch with ‘Furious 8’ star

22 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Miesha Tate, the reigning women’s bantamweight champion after battling Holly Holm, has once again insulted Ronda Rousey and is looking forward to have a rematch with the UFC fighter and actress.

29-year-old Tate is preparing now to battle the Brazillian UFC fighter, 28-year-old Amanda Nunes , making it the first time defending her title. However, Tate is more focused on battling a familiar face, 29-year-old Rousey .

She shared with TMZ, “I feel like something would be missing from my career if I didn’t fight Ronda again.” As of now, Tate has had two losses against Rousey . However, that might not happen anytime soon. She would have to beat Nunes first during the UFC 200 this July 9 and it could probably be one step closer for her plan to battle Rousey again. It still remains unclear when Rousey will be getting back to the ring since her loss from Holm last year.

In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Rousey said that she was deeply affected with her fight with 34-year-old Holm to the point of having suicidal thoughts after her devastating first ever loss. She did say that she has plans to come back but the question about when remains up in the air.

More on Tate, she recently appeared on “The Conan O’Brien” show during the Monday episode and shared, "Right now I'm really trying to stay focused on Amanda and I know everyone's so excited for that Rousey fight. I hope that's something that happens, but I don't want to overlook Amanda cause if I don't beat Amanda, there's no next.”

She added that she is at the best point of her career while Rousey is at her worst. She noted that she feels her level of confidence now has made her stronger but she now questions whether or not Rousey will be able to feel the same.

Tate added, “I'm not saying she won't come back — I just don't know if she'll come back the same. Cause she seems awfully pouty about the loss and it's like we've all had losses.”

Rousey has not yet commented on Tate’s latest comments.