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Mila Kunis says breast pumps saved her, husband Ashton Kutcher and motherhood

7 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Mila Kunis has got to be one of the coolest moms ever as she has talked about the strangest places she has pumped for milk as well as her life as a mother and her partner Ashton Kutcher in her latest interview with Glamour magazine.

The 32-year-old actress said in her video interview with Glamour that breast pumps saved her when she was still nursing her now-1-year-old daughter Wyatt. Kunis played Glamour magazine’s “Obsesses or Unimpressed” and she was asked about a lot of things but what was the most interesting was her answer on breast pumps.

Kunis shared, “Interesting. Breast pumps. Very impressed- could use a new version of!” She noted that breast pumps actually need an upgrade adding that she has pumped in different places. She continued to reveal, “I’ve pumped in an airport, I’ve pumped on the side of the road, I’ve pumped everywhere!”

When asked about going out for dinner, she said that she is uninterested and that she practices this routine wherein the have dinner at 5:30-6:00 P.M. so she could put her daughter in bed by 7 P.M. As for motherhood, she shared, “OBSESSED with motherhood. I have an amazing, amazing support system in my house — meaning my husband, who’s incredible.”

Her stance on naked selfies was not clear but she did say that if one has a great body, one should click away. As for Tinder, she said that it is a great way of hooking up. She was also asked about Donald Trump’s suggestion of building a wall to keep off immigrants from crossing the border and Kunis said she is highly unimpressed about the matter but did not give further comments.

More on her husband, she revealed to Glamour magazine that she married her best friend as they have known each other for so long.

She also talked about her upcoming comedy flick “Bad Moms.” Kunis said that women innately try to be perfect and that women put so much pressure on themselves. The movie shows mothers letting lose and not trying to be the best mom every time.

"Bad Moms" will be out on July 29.