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Miley Cyrus flaunts engagement ring, posts photo on IG

20 January 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth continue to fuel the reports that they are engaged for the second time around after calling it quits two years ago as the singer posted a photo on Instagram showing off the same ring given to her by the actor.

Cyrus posted a selfie on her Instagram account and it showed that she had two rings on her left hand, one was a massive bling while the other looked like it was the ring that Hemsworth gave to her the first time they were engaged.

A source shared, “The ring is special because Miley and Liam worked on it together. Miley specifically wanted it set in gold. She didn't want platinum. She liked the gold because it was different and unique, like her. She didn't want anything classic or generic.”

Hemsworth and Cyrus were first spotted together in Australia during the New Year’s holidays when they attended the Falls Music Festival in Byron Bay. As pre reports, the two were spotted kissing, hugging, and cuddling but their bodyguards prevented anyone from taking photos of the two.

Accordingly, the two have been back together for quite some time now after Cyrus broke things off with then-boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Another insider shared about what Cyrus feels after her reunion with Hemsworth and his family, “Miley came back to LA on Monday after spending the holidays with Liam. She had the time of her life being with him and his family. She feels like they could pick up right where they left off. Miley has never gotten over Liam and always hoped they would get back together. She doesn't know where it will go, but she definitely still loves him.”

Back in October 2015, Hemsworth was interviewed by ELLE magazine and he admitted that he is still in love with Cyrus despite calling off their engagement. He said that they were together for five years and the feelings he had for her will never change.

A month after, the two were also spotted adopting a dog when Hemsworth posted a photo of the new pet in his family, which he said Cyrus helped him pick. The rumors started to swirl that they are back together again late last year.

The two are yet to comment on the real status of their relationship.