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Miranda Lambert talks not wanting to tweet about her love life

17 May 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – After her split with Blake Shelton and her new found love with Anderson East, country singer Miranda Lambert shared in a new interview why she chooses not to tweet about her love life.

Lambert posts videos and photos of her regarding her performances and some random photos but she does not really post a lot on her social media accounts. She shared in her interview with Entertainment Weekly that he is horrible when it comes to social media platforms but she also does not want to have to worry about her online presence.

She shared, "To think of something clever or make sure you spell something right…I always have 14 people read it because I'm worried about all of it.” The 32-year-old said that she wants to keep her relationship out of the public eye because she does not want other people to know about the intimate details of her life.

The former wife of Shelton said that she believes in leaving some mystery and that she does not need to know what everybody is doing all the time.

This is quite the opposite for Shelton and his new lady love, Gwen Stefani as the two flirt a lot on Twitter. He even promotes the new album of Stefani on his Twitter account and so does she but Lambert said she does not want to be too close to her fans and followers. She also does not fangirl too closely to other people noting that she wants to keep admiring them from afar.

Many are saying that Lambert’s latest statement is a diss to Stefani and Shelton. The people involved in this report are yet to comment.