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Model Emily Ratajkowski defends First Lady Melania Trump

15 February 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – A New York Times reporter is accused of referring to First Lady Melania Trump as a hooker and model Emily Ratajkowski took to Twitter to defend the wife of Donald Trump.

The model took to her social media account via a series of tweets on Sunday to say, “Sat next to a journalist from the NYT last night who told me ‘Melania is a hooker.’ Whatever your politics it’s crucial to call this out for what it is: sl *t shaming. I don’t care about her nudes or sexual history and no one should. Gender specific attacks are disgusting sexist bulls***.”

The First Lady thanked the model for defending her. Melania took to Twitter to say that she applauds all women around the world who speak up, stand up, and support other women.

The reporter who is said to be the one who told Ratajkowski that Melania is a hooker is Jacob Bernstein. The reporter took to Twitter to apologize to Melania and said that his remarks was stupid. He also said that the hooker comment was in reference to unfounded rumors.

Bernstein started with his tweet saying that he has four series of tweets to take ownership for the mistake he made. He continued, “Speaking at a party in what I thought was a personal conversation, I nevertheless made a stupid remark about the first lady.” He followed it up with a tweet saying that his editors made it clear his behavior was not in keeping with the standards of The New York Times and he agrees with what they said. He concluded his series of tweets by saying that his mistake should not reflect on anyone else and he apologizes profusely.

Ratajkowski is not a supporter of the president. During the presidential elections, she voiced her support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. She also wrote an essay in Lenny Letter last February 2016 regarding being sexualized from a young age in a society she describes as “can’t seem to allow women to be sexual on their own terms with their judgment.”

Late last year, she talked again photographer Jonathan Leder . Leder used her nude photos for his book without his permission. She said, “These photos being used w/out my permission is an example of exactly the opposite of what I stand for. Women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies.”

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