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  • Naya Rivera talks about former ‘Glee’ co-stars Lea Michele, Mark Salling in memoir ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

Naya Rivera talks about former ‘Glee’ co-stars Lea Michele, Mark Salling in memoir ‘Sorry Not Sorry’

15 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Naya Rivera recently talked about her abortion in 2010, insinuated that her former fiancé , Big Sean, cheated on her with Ariana Grande, and now she has revealed more about her former “Glee” co-stars, Lea Michele and Mark Salling in her memoir “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Rivera shared in her memoir that Michele is sensitive and did not like the idea of sharing the spotlight. Rivera also claimed in her book that the “Scream Queens” star blamed her for anything and everything that went wrong. Rivera claimed that she and Michele started off as friends but as the show progressed, her character, Santana, began gaining attraction, the friendship started to break down.

The mother-of-one continued to share, “If I’d complained about anyone or anything, she’d assumed I was b** ching about her. Soon, she started to ignore me, and eventually it got to the point where she didn’t say a word to me for all of Season 6.”

As for Salling , who is her former boyfriend and was arrested in 2015 for receiving and possessing child pornography, Rivera said that she was not totally shocked. She added, "I think everyone should have that one relationship where you look back and ask yourself, 'What the hell was I thinking?' You'll learn something and you won't regret it. Unless, of course, that relationship was with someone who had a sizeable stash of child porn on his computer. Then, by all means, regret everything."

Rivera then talked about Cory Monteith . She said that Monteith has been sober for years but he drank at a cast party years ago and everyone was shocked. He assured that he wanted to start drinking in moderation and be just like everybody else. She said that she thinks many of them never understood how addiction works and also did not realize the extent of his former addiction. Monteith died in 2013.

Michele and Salling have not commented on this yet.