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Netflix original series ‘Sense8’ S2 to air in May 2017, Christmas special announce

5 December 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – ‘Sense8’ fans are getting a Christmas treat because a Christmas special will be airing for two hours and the Season 2 premiere date has been announced.

“Sense8” producers have been quiet about the Season 2 installment of the Netflix original series but in their latest announcement, they noted that the two-hour special called “Sense8 : A Christmas Special” will be airing on December 23.

“Sense8 : A Christmas Special” will still follow the eight main characters of the show who are all mentally-linked. These are Capheus , Kala , Lito , Nomi , Riley, Sun, Will, and Wolfgang. Accordingly, they will be finding deeper connections and will learn more about their darker and more desperate secrets during the two hours “Sense8 : A Christmas Special.” Also, the characters will be struggling more to identity with more than just one self.

“Sense8” dropped its freshman season back in June 2015 and fans have been waiting for updates. This latest update is actually one of the few updates that are confirmed and are legitimate. The second season of “Sense8” will air on May 5, 2017 and fans are not that happy about how long that will keep them waiting.

One “Sense8” fan wrote on Twitter, “@sense8 May. MAY?!?!?! What's wrong with you.” Others posted memes of what they looked like when they knew that “Sense8” Season 2 will be back on Netflix not until May of next year.

“Sense8” is an Emmy-nominated sci-fi drama film. The creator of the show are J. Michael Straczynski and Lana and Lilly Wachowski . It was reported last May that Lilly will no longer be part of “Sense8” Season 2 but it was not confirmed and if it is one of the possible reasons why “Sense 8” Season 2 is taking too much time to be released.

The stars of “Sense8” are Brian J. Smith, Donna Bae , Jamie Clayton, Max Riemelt , Miguel Angel Silvestre , Tina Desai , Toby Onwumere , and Tuppence Middleton. The “Sense8” Season 10 will be having 10 episodes and pick up at the end of the season one of “Sense 8.”

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