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New photos of Amber Heard surface showing alleged domestic abuse from Johnny Depp

1 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – More photos have surfaced showing Amber Heard’s bruised face as she claims that she has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp because she has suffered from domestic abuse from the actor.

Heard covered the latest issue of People magazine and in it, many other photos showing her face having bruises on her cheeks, eyes, and other parts were included. The 30-year-old “Danish Girl” actress was seen in one of the photos having a cut lip and a bruised eye. These photos were said to be from December of 2015. In the court documents submitted by Heard, she made mention of the December 2015 incident.

She revealed, “There also have been several prior incidents of domestic violence with Johnny, in particular there was one severe incident in December 2015 when I truly feared that my life was in danger.” She did not, however, give other details regarding this incident.

In another, she had her hair down and her right eye was visibly bruised. The photo of her with her hair down is said to be from the latest abuse, which was just this May 21.

The photos surfaced days after Heard was granted by a judge with a restraining order for Depp. Depp has to stay 100 yards away from Heard. He is said to be out of the country for now. During the court hearing regarding the restraining order, Heard also had a bruise below her right eye.

The lawyers of Heard, Samantha F. Spector and co-counsel Joseph P. Koenig, said in a statement earlier this week that their client has suffered through the years from physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her estranged husband. She reportedly took so long to come out with the truth because she hoped that Depp would change.

Heard also alleges that the domestic abuse did not take place only when they got married as he has been physically and verbally abusive for the entirety of their four-year relationship.

Depp and his legal team have not yet commented on the latest photos released by Heard.