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New source says Johnny Depp never hurt Amber Heard when sober, she hoped marriage would improve

10 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – A new source has come forward in defense of Amber Heard claiming that Johnny Depp never laid a hand on his wife of 15 months when he was sober but his behavior allegedly changed when he allegedly used drugs and was drunk.

The divorce of Heard and Depp has become filled with many sources coming forward defending both sides since she filed and received a restraining order from Depp. She has also released photos and proof of her bruised face making her claims more solid about Depp domestically abusing her.

According to the latest source, the relationship of the couple varied because of Depp’s supposed drug use. However, Heard hoped that things would get better between the two of them. The source added, "Amber didn't want to come forward about the abuse because she had faith he'd get better and that it would stop." Heard reportedly told the source that Depp was a kind person and would never hurt her whenever he is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The insider continued to reveal that Heard said Depp would try and compensate for the actions he has done after hurting Heard. The source noted that whenever Depp did something wrong, he would apologize profusely and she would forgive him. However, all changed when Heard decided to file for a divorce and come forward with her story.

The source added, "Amber is a tough girl and thick-skinned, which is why those close to her are surprised she has let this happen to her, and it's taken so long for her to divorce him. But their love is unlike anything she has ever experienced and even through what is happening now she still loves him and wants him to get help."

Despite the allegations of Heard and her team, Depp and his legal team have remained silent and claim that the actress is doing such in order to get financial support from the actor. Depp and his team also said that there is no truth to the allegations of Heard.

Depp has been defended by his daughter Lily-Rose Depp as well as his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis .

More on Depp, he recently celebrated his 53rd birthday despite the domestic abuse allegations.