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Nick Carter announces Backstreet Boys’ Vegas residency

4 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Las Vegas, NV, United States (4E) – Nick Carter has just announced that a Backstreet Boys Vegas residency is set to happen but pointed out that it is just a trial run.

Rumors that the boy band was exploring the idea of the residency has just been confirmed. They will be having a nine-show residency at Las Vegas but if it becomes successful, the members of the band will be open to a more permanent stay. The deal was reportedly made with Live Nation.

Carter shared, “If it does really well, then I think that’ll open that door and then in future we’ll do it. So that’s definitely going to happen but we’re going to do a trial run first.” He also revealed that fans of the boy band will expect a very big and spectacular show.

The shows will be featuring all of the five band members. Kevin Richardson also said in a statement, “A Vegas residency, now that we’re all fathers, could be very convenient for us. We won’t have to travel so much.”

Before the announcement of the Backstreet Boys residency was confirmed, Carter shared in a previous interview that he thought it will be a lot of fun to have one place for them to go and “shake things up out in Vegas.” He added, “Not saying anything, but if anyone’s been to a BSB show, they know we bring the fire — and we have a lot of energy! It’d be awesome to light up Vegas!”

Aside from the Vegas residency, Carter also talked about the rumors that they are teaming up with Spice Girls. He said that they have already invited the girls and they will just have to figure it out but there have been no confirmations about this yet.

Carter is gearing up to welcome his first child with actress Lauren Kitt .