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Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato cancel their North Carolina gigs

27 April 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Raleigh, NC, United States (4E) – Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas are the latest music icons to cancel their performances in North Carolina in response to the state’s anti-LGBT law.

Jonas and Lovato , who have been touring together, posted a joint statement on Twitter wherein they talked about their decision to cancel their Raleigh and Charlotte shows for the “Honda Civic Tour: Future Now.”

They added, “One of our goals for the tour has always been to create an atmosphere where every single attendee feels equal, included, and accepted for who they are. North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2 law is extremely disappointing, and it takes away some of the LGBT community’s most basic rights and protections. But we will not allow this to stop us from continuing to make progress for equality and acceptance.”

They closed their statement saying that the cancellation of the gigs would be disappointing to their fans but they trust that their supporters will stand united with them against “this hateful law.”

There are 35 shows in cities all over the nation for the 2016 Honda Civic Tour of the two but there are no North Carolina locations listed on the website for the tour. The HB2 law of North Carolina will not allow transgender people to use the bathrooms that they feel most comfortable with and said that they should follow the gender written on their birth certificate.

Other musicians who have cancelled their performances are Bruce Springsteeen and Ringo Starr. Cyndi Lauper will continue with her gig as planned but said that the proceeds of her show will go to the LGBT community in the state.

Companies have also cancelled their plans to expand in North Carolina such as Deutsche Bank and PayPal after the legislation was signed into a bill.

Just recently, more than 50 protestors were arrested at the North Carolina state house after they gathered to denounce the law.