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Nicki Minaj not okay with Drake dissing her boyfriend Meek Mill

23 August 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Nicki Minaj is reportedly not happy about Drake dissing her boyfriend, Meek Mill, once again as the Canadian rapper called Mill a “p***y” in his latest performance.

Drake, 29, was on stage at his Summer Sixteen concert in Washington on August 20 and then proceeded to talk about Mill. Accordingly, Drake dissed Mill in his song “Back To Back” when he switched the lyrics from “he still ain’t did sh *t about the other one” to “that p***y still ain’t did sh *t about the other one.” 33-year-old Minaj caught wind of the diss and she reportedly is disappointed about it.

An insider said, “Drake doesn’t want to start a war with Meek again because, if he does, Nicki’s going to grab the mic and go in on Drake. Nicki can put Drake on blast for a lot of things, including how he’s been after her for years, but she never gave in because she’s loyal to Meek. No doubt Meek and Nicki have issues but at the end of the day, Meek’s her man and she’ll ride hard for him. If she’s got to get on the mic herself and start throwing shots at Drake, she will!”

The source said that this statement serves as a warning and is giving Drake a fair chance to just chill out and stop dissing Mill.

Mill and Drake have been feuding for months now. Mill went as far as claiming that Drake does not write his own raps.

Drake is yet to comment on the statement that the source said, which is supposedly from Minaj .