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Nicki Minaj reportedly tried to block former boyfriend Safaree from his ‘Wendy’ appearance

8 March 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The former boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuels, appeared on the latest episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” and he talked about the beef between his former girlfriend and Remy Ma as well as his past relationship with the “Anaconda” rapper.

Minaj reportedly tried to block Samuels from appearing on “The Wendy Williams Show” but that information was not confirmed yet. According to reports, Minaj did not want Samuels to go on the show as he might spill more secrets than what Ma has already revealed. Ma released a diss track days ago wherein she talked about Minaj’s activities with hotshots in the music industry. Although Minaj did not comment yet, Samuels confirmed his former girlfriend tried to stop his appearance on the show.

In one part of the diss track by Ma, she said Meek Mill told her Minaj had a butt enhancement and he had to wait for 30 days before they could have sexual intercourse because of the surgery. Samuels did not comment directly on the matter but sad women should be able to do whatever they want with themselves.

Samuels also said he and Minaj have been together for 12 years and he was there during the early career of the rapper. He also claimed Minaj cheated on him by saying, “…the last month we were just going through all the songs and stuff and I found out that there [were] two songs with him (Meek) on the album….I just had an instinct. I had an intuition that there was more to it. The last year and year-and-a-half, it just got really different. We just grew apart. At the end of the day, Meek had a lot to do with me and her breaking up.”

He also talked about being part of the music of Minaj. He said he was part of the creative process and did some collaborations with Minaj. Minaj never credited Samuels for his work.

However, it’s not all negative as Samuels said he has been with Minaj for a time and he will not say anything that would pull her down. This was his response when he was asked if Minaj was nice.

He also was straightforward when asked if he would still get back together with Minaj by saying he would never. He concluded the show with a message to his ex-girlfriend, which is, “Do what’s right. That’s it. Do what’s right. You know what I did.”

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