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Nicki Minaj throws shade at Miley Cyrus in new Yo Gotti’s ‘Down in the DM’ remix

5 February 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Nicki Minaj has again threw some shade towards Miley Cyrus in her part in the “Down in the DM” remix of Yo Gotti .

Cyrus and Minaj have been feuding since MTV’s Video Music Awards last year. Minaj was quite pissed that her “Anaconda” video was not nominated for Video of the Year and weeks before Cyrus hosted the event, she was interviewed and she said that Minaj’s reaction was unacceptable. Minaj tweeted back then that it was not fair that women with skinny girls on their videos gets nominated, making fans speculate that the rapper was talking about Taylor Swift.

During the MTV VMAs , when Minaj accepted another award, she said “Miley, what’s good?” This actually trended on Twitter and Cyrus responded saying that people should just move on that they are not nominated for certain things and even made herself as an example. People were asking if the Minaj-Cyrus was orchestrated but it did not seem like it as the “Wrecking Ball” singer was surprised herself when the rapper called her out.

In the remix during the 1:50 mark, Minaj was heard rapping the lines: “Felt them thick lips and got wood/He said, “Kylie wuss good?” I said, “Miley wuss good?”/I said, “Could you pay my bills like O’Reilly ? Wuss good?”/I just sit back and observe/All these n***as/that I done curved/If it go down in your DM then baby boy, you lucky/Cause 99.9% of these f** kboys can’t fuck me/True!” It is not clear if she was talking about Kylie Jenner in one of the lines and if she was also dissing Bill O'Reilly , the Fox News host who has a history of feuding with rappers and the hip-hop industry in general.

The people seemingly involved in the lyrics of Minaj’s latest rap are yet to comment.