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PartyNextDoor serenades Kylie Jenner, Very PDA at Drake’s party

1 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Reports about Kylie Jenner having a difficult time moving on from Tyga after their break-up might no longer be true as she has been hanging out a lot as of late with PartyNextDoor and after he serenaded her, they reportedly hit up Drake’s party and were very PDA.

As per the Snapchat account of Kylie, the reality star uploaded a new clip showing PartyNextDoor seemingly serenading her. He was on the piano and started to hit some notes as he sang “Kylie, oh Kylie.” The black and white video only lasted a few seconds so it remains unclear if PartyNextDoor made a song for the 18-year-old businesswoman.

The latest video comes after the 22-year-old Canadian rapper uploaded a video showing Jenner accusing him of hiding her. She said, “You not only hide me, you delete me.” He then responded, “No I don’t, I’m trying to protect you.”

Although the two are spending a lot of time together since her break-up form the 26-year-old rapper, an insider said that from the outside, it would look like as if there is a lot going on between the two than just friendship but the truth is, they are just enjoying each other’s company. The source added, “Kylie is trying to have fun and get her mind off of Tyga and stay strong because she's pretty hurt.”

Just recently, Jenner and PartyNextDoor also attended the holiday pool party of Drake and accordingly, the two could not help but get flirty. An insider said, “Kylie was cute. She had this air about herself the way she was swinging her hair and walking about at the pool. She definitely thought she was the s*** and was tugging onto PND like he was the hottest dude at the party. He had his hand on her ass the whole time.”

The insider continued to claim that Jenner twerked on PartyNextDoor and kissed him. Jenner is yet to comment on these claims.

Before going to Drake’s party, Jenner and PartyNextDoor went out for a night of bowling.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star knows PartyNextDoor for a long time now as they met two years ago. She appeared in his music video for the song “Recognize” last 2014. She was with her sister Kendall Jenner .