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Penny’s mom, brother coming to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10

30 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 will reportedly show the mother and brother of Penny as she and Leonard decide to get married the second time around in front of their family and friends.

In the past episodes of “The Big Bang Theory,” Penny’s father was the only one show. The appearance of Penny’s brother and mother was revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con after showrunner Steven Molaro said that the actors portraying the roles of her family are Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer . .

Penny went to California in order to get a job as an actress. She hailed from Omaha, Nebraska and her family still lives there. Molaro shared during the San Diego Comic-Con panel that the mother of Penny, Susan, is neurotic and stressed out due to her son, Randall. Randall, on the other hand, is a cheerful ex-convict and is a former drug dealer. Both Randall and Susan will be seen in the premiere episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10.

More on Randall, “The Big Bang Theory” showrunner said that he just got out of prison and Molaro pointed out that they needed to find the right person for the role. He said that they think they did a pretty great job casting McBrayer as he is pretty scary.

Kaley Cuoco , who plays the role of Penny on “The Big Bang Theory,” actually worked with Sagal in the past. They starred in the ABC sitcom “8 Simple Rules” as a mother and daughter. Cuoco recently took to Instagram to say how excited she is to work with Sagal again. She posted a photo of them together and captioned it with the following: "Yes yes yes yes !!! Once my tv mom, always my tv mom, love you @kateylous !!!!!# fullcircle @thebigbangtheory ."

Molaro also shared that Leonard and Sheldon’s moms will be having a conflict. The two did not get along well in “The Big Bang Theory” Season 9 finale. He shared, "We're left with a good amount of tension between all the parents. There's a lot of fallout the following morning before we even get to the ceremony, if we even do."

It is possible that all the characters linked to the major cast is being introduced in “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 as many believe that it will be the last season of the CBS hit series.

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 premieres on September 19 at 8 P.M. on CBS.