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Pierce Brosnan talks about losing first wife and their daughter to ovarian cancer

7 April 2017 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Pierce Brosnan recently opened up about losing his first wife and daughter to ovarian cancer while he promoted his new AMC show.

Brosnan gave the not-so-frequent interview for Esquire magazine’s latest issue as he also promoted his new show “The Son” that will air on AMC. Brosnan said he lost his first wife, Cassandra Harris, and his daughter, Charlotte, to such type of cancer two decades apart.

Harris died in 1991 and in 2013, Charlotte passed away from ovarian cancer. Charlotte was not a biological daughter of Brosnan as he adopted the two children of Harris from a previous relationship. Harris and Brosnan did have one child together, a son named Sean, now 33.

Brosnan told Esquire they found out about Harris’ illness when they returned to London from a trip to India. Harris was in her late 30s that time. Harris’ mother also died from ovarian cancer. Brosnan shared, “From day 1, we really had a fight on our hands. This wasn’t a shadow or a small tumor — this had invaded Cassie’s being.” He added his wife weighed the circumstances surrounding her illness and although he kept quiet through the ordeal, he made sure he was there for her.

They battled Harris’ condition for four years through chemo therapy, surgeries, and treatments. In December 1991, Brosnan and Harris knew they lost their fight to ovarian cancer and the actor shared with the magazine he was in a helpless state and was both confused and angry.

Brosnan noted the death of Harris made him the man, the father, and the actor he is now. That was not the first blow for Brosnan as he lost their daughter Charlotte to the same disease. Charlotte died when she was 41 and had two children with her husband. Brosnan said his daughter faced cancer with grace, humanity, courage and dignity.

Brosnan re-married years after the death of his first wife. He and Keely Shaye Smith have two children together, 20-year-old Dylan and 16-year-old Paris.

Aside from that, Brosnan talked about his father, Thomas Brosnan, who abandoned him and his family when the actor was still a baby. In the new AMC series “The Son,” Pierce played the role of a father who works in the oil business and passes it down to his family.

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