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‘PokeDates’ launched for ‘Pokemon Go’ players to find love

21 July 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Silicon Valley, CA, United States (4E) – “Pokemon Go” has announced that they have launched a new dating service called “PokeDates” in an attempt to launch dates for players of the game and pair them up if they are looking for love.

“Pokemon Go” has been very popular and has broken the norm of being a game of just playing at home and sitting down with limited interaction with his or her co-players. “Pokemon Go” has led to players socializing and having to walk and go outside the real world in an attempt to catch Pokemon characters.

Due to the success of “Pokemon Go,” “PokeDates” has been launched and the dating service wants players to find someone they could share a romantic bond with. The people who would sign up for “PokeDates” will have to teal the team behind the app information about themselves and what they are looking for in a partner or a “PokeMate.”

More on how “PokeDates” works, the people who want to be set up are also required to share their schedule. Once all is set up, the “PokeDates” team will find a match and the people involved will get an email confirmation specifying the place of meet up and the time. There will only be few details available about the person they are set to meet.

“PokeDates” is also free of charge just like “Pokemon Go.” However, the people meeting up with other people will have to take care of the costs of their date. However, the next “PokeDates” will cost $20 or could still be free if friends are referred.

“PokeDates” was launched by Project Fixup , a popular offline dating startup that was established in 2012. Dank Korenevsky , Chief Fixup Officer at Project Fixup , said in a statement that they know more people than players do and that they know the best coffee shops, bars, and PokeStops , which will be known to the people signing up for a PokeDate .

“PokeDates” is said to be open to the LGBTQ community and is not strictly for straight people. It is also open to all races who want to acquire the services of the app.