‘Pokemon Go’ might have new features despite user decline

19 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Despite the decline in the number of “Pokemon Go” players, it is speculated that Niantic will be rolling out new updates after a Reddit user talked about the latest codes that were altered in the game.

The latest update of “Pokemon Go” is the Buddy Pokemon update, wherein the player could have a “buddy,” which is in of the monsters he or she has captured, with him or her while playing the game. Having a buddy with the player will allow them to collect candies used for evolving.

The augmented reality game that has taken over the world and Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke , shared in a recent interview what are their plans for the future of the game. Hanke reportedlt talked with Tech Crunch’s editor Greg Kumparak and shared that they are always taking about player-versus-player

“Pokemon Go” battles. He pointed out that it will make its way on “Pokemon Go” but he has no specific date as to when it will be accessible.

Hanke also shared about the possibility of having more Pokemon monsters on “Pokemon Go.” He shared, “We’ve launched the first generation of Pokémon , 150 or so. There are over 700 Pokémon in the Pokémon universe.” Hanke said that it has been the intent to gradually introduce more monsters in “Pokemon Go” as it is a natural way to keep the game fresh.

Hanke said that they are still waiting for the craziness of “Pokemon Go” to subside then plan to release more exciting things for the game once that happens. He said that it would be difficult to put up an event for thousands of people but introducing a new Pokemon at an event is something they are considering for “Pokemon Go” players in the future.

As for the possible new features of “Pokemon Go,” a Reddit user said that the latest updates include references to a system that is used to exchange creatures. It was reported that the exchanging of creatures has been requested by many fans of “Pokemon Go” and it might be the next big thing for the app.

The Reddit user also discovered the new types of incense possibly coming to “Pokemon Go.” He cited that “spicy incense,” “cold incense,” and “floral incense” have been seen in the code of “Pokemon Go.”

It remains unclear when Niantic will roll out the latest updates in “Pokemon Go.”