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Power struggle between Claire and Frank Underwood to be seen in ‘House of Cards’ S5

29 June 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Season 4 of “House of Cards” is over and fans are expecting a power struggle between Claire and Frank in Season 5 while creator of the Netflix original series Michael Dobbs said in a recent statement that a spin-off without Frank is actually possible.

In “House of Cards” season 4, Claire was able to know what it is to be powerful after being the vice president. Fans are speculating that she would want to have more and possibly resulting to Claire overtaking her husband in Season 5. Claire knows a lot about her husband and her tricks and she could use it to her advantage but some question if she could actually outsmart Frank.

Fans will also reportedly see a romance starting between Doug Stamper and Leanna Harvey. This could mean that Frank will face his downfall due to the reunion of the two. However, they could go after each other for political power.

It is assured that actor Kevin Spacey , who plays Frank Underwood, will still be seen in Season 5 of “House of Cards” as well as actress Robin Wright, who plays Claire. She was also able to negotiate to have the same amount of pay as Spacey in an attempt to close the gender wage gap between them.

However, it has been reported that the creator of the show Beau Willimon will no longer be returning for “House of Cards” Season 5. He said in a statement that he feels it is the right time to focus his time and energy on other projects.

Although Spacey will be part of “House of Cards” Season 5, creator of the original novels, Dobbs, said that the spin-off will most likely not feature the anti-hero. The 67-year-old writer said in a statement on his interview with Express that it is an interesting angle to not see Frank Underwood citing “Breaking Bad.”

Dobbs added, “There are plenty of people from other parts of the world who want to make their version of House of Cards, which we’re talking with. We’ll see what happens with those. It is a global brand, so the question arises: what do we do with a global brand”

There are no other reports yet regarding the spin-off series.