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Protesters shout ‘liar’ at Ryan Lochte during ‘Dancing With The Stars’ live performance

14 September 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Ryan Lochte and his “Dancing With The Stars” partner, Cheryl Burke, were performing live for the Monday episode of the show but two protesters shouted “liar, liar” at the athlete leading to an interruption in the show.

The gold medal-winning U.S. swimmer recently became the subject of investigation after he said that he and three more swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. As per the investigation, they were at a gasoline station to relieve themselves at a public bathroom after coming from a party. Lochte removed a poster resulting in guards confronting the swimmers. The guards were said to be armed and the money that was taken from them was for the property destroyed by Lochte .

According to reports, the two protesters who shouted at Lochte were tackled by security. They were taken into custody for trespass. The two men reportedly wore anti-Lochte t-shirts. The incident took place after Lochte and Burke were being critiqued by judges after they performed their foxtrot .

Aside from the two men who went on stage, there were four more women in the audience wearing the same shirts. They booed Lochte and were shown leaving. Neither Burke nor Lochte were injured in the attack.

The show’s host, Tom Bergeron, said in a statement on “Good Morning America,” “We were shocked and we have a very good security system here.” Lochte , on the other hand, said that he thought the attack was just a joke and that it felt as if someone reached inside him, took his heart out, then stepped on it.

Burke also took to Instagram to post a statement about the attack. She said that her heart is aching for Lochte and his family as no one deserves such behavior. She pointed out in her post that people need to love each other and not be bullies or cowards.

Lochte has been slowly getting back to his feet after the incident as he also lost all of his four sponsors. Joining “Dancing With The Stars” is said to be one of his tactics to rebuild his image.