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‘Quantico’ S2 E3 official synopsis released, E2 recap out

3 October 2016 Entertainment News

Fourth Estate Staff

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – “Quantico” Season 2 is expected to pick up its action-filled and intense scenes in the third episode for its sophomore run as the official synopsis has been released.

In it, it was announced that Alex will be finding out about something regarding a terrorist group after she went undercover. The ABC show will also reportedly feature the CIA recruits keeping up with their training at The Farm and that they will be focusing on assessment. “Quantico” Season 2 Episode 3 is entitled “Statescalade.”

More on Alex discovering important information while being an undercover to infiltrate the terrorist group in “Quantico” Season 2 Episode 3, she will reportedly be shocked to discover that not everyone is a stranger. It is possible that the discovery will be about Miranda since Episode 2 ended with a text message. The text message reads, “Alex Parris is inside” and it was sent by Miranda to one of the terrorists.

Raina and Ryan are also having a difficult time determining how the terrorists are working as they disguised themselves as hostages in an attempt to know about the plan. Raina explained that the collar will tighten and an escapee will die if one attempts to do so. Raina and Ryan also find out that Dayana , Mampasi , Lydia Bates, Leon Velez, and Sebastian Chen were in the same room as they were so they believe they could only trust each other.

As for “Quantico” Season 2 Episode 2 entitled “Lipstick,” there was a lot of seduction between the two characters. More importantly, they were trying to solve the mystery behind the murder of the First Lady.

The guest stars for “Quantico” Season 2 Episode 3 are Aaron Diaz as Leon Velez David Lim as Sebastian Chen, Tracy Ifeachor as Lydia Banks, and Todd Litzinger as Lucas Strauss.

“Quantico” Season 2 Episode 3 was directed by Jennifer Lynch and was written by Beth Schacter . The third episode of the ABC show will be aired on October 16, Sunday, at 9 P.M.